nerd nite louisville is a monthly event held at Gravely Brewing Company where several folks give 15-20-minute fun-yet-informative presentations across a veriety of disciplines while the audience drinks along! We learn about everything from math feuds to the science of the Simpsons to the history of UofL scandals to breaking down KPOP and more!

Now imagine that while drinking.

Then multiply it by 100.

And add rockets.

That is nerd nite louisville.

next time on nerd night louisville:

january 21 2022

Gravely Brewing Company


Presentation #1:

“Healing the Trauma of Kids Exposed to Gun Violence is Crucial to Ending Gun Violence in Louisville” by Christopher 2X

Presentation #2:

“#Adulting Through the Decades” by Elmer Lucille Allen

Presentation #3:

“Meta Marketing with Kanye West & Michael Fimiani” by Michael Fimiani